David MacDougall

David MacDougall is a busy drummer and percussionist in a wide-ranging variety of styles. Since graduating from the University of Toronto’s jazz program a decade ago, David has played music all across North America. He plays jazz with Brian Delima, Richard Whiteman, Ryan Oliver, and Sean Bray’s Peach Trio, wacky Americana with the Earthtones, cajun party music with Swamperella, and political third stream/punk music with the Parkdale Revolutionary Orchestra. He is also a former member of the NJA-nominated Toronto Jazz Orchestra. David’s goal is to play great songs regardless of style and this attitude has led him to working with Juno-nominated singer/songwriter George Meanwell, Juno-winning producer and songwriter Chad Irschick, and singer-songwriter Stephanie Martin. David also plays pop music with Andrew Austin and Jeffrey Straker. David currently studies drums with Billy Martin of Medeski, Martin & Wood.

In addition to a busy live performance schedule David has played on over 20 recordings in every conceivable type of setting from straight-up pop music to classic swing. David is proud to be playing in Sean Bray’s Peach Trio, a band that explores improvised, open concepts mixed with rootsy, classic American musical styles. The interplay of the band is refreshing and the songs always find new paths in every performance.

David MacDougall happily uses Istanbul Agop cymbals and Headhunters Drumsticks at every performance.